About Us

Since the beginning of the Human Resource Agencies in 1974, our association (TAHRA) has established an effective statewide network to deliver social services to our communities.  Every day we help more Tennesseans become self-sufficient through the effective delivery of financial support, job training, transportation, nutritional services, and many other important social services to our friends and neighbors in need.  Our proven track record delivering a broad selection of programs, our strong and experienced network of employees and volunteers, and our cost-effective administrative structure make us your best choice to deliver hope to your community.

Delivering Hope Through Strong Partnerships

We build strong partnerships with our funding sources, our community leaders, and our local, state, and federal officials.

  • For our funding partners we provide a proven, time-tested network to deliver social programs to every community in our great state.
  • To our legislative partners we provide an effective, fiscally responsible delivery vehicle for human resources and offer important insights into the social needs of every community.
  • To our local officials and community leaders we are a strong partner in helping improve the way of life in our communities.
  • To our friends and neighbors in need, we deliver hope for a better future.

Key Strengths and Benefit

Our core strength lies within our structure.  We are nine independent agencies working together to deliver social services to all the counties in Tennessee.  Our nine agencies coordinate key initiatives and share best practices through our monthly association meetings and supporting sub-committees.  The governing board of directors for each agency is formed from locally elected officials to guarantee accountability and a close connection with the needs of our communities at a local level.  Our leadership, management, employees, and volunteers come from the local communities in our service areas.  We are a grass roots organization.

Other Key Benefits

  • We are easily accessible to our communities through our local county offices.
  • The composition, oversight, and support of local board members guarantees grass roots involvement.
  • Strong fiscal reporting and accountability to local government officials, the Comptroller, the Department of Finance and Administration, and the Governor, and annual audits by an outside accounting firm approved by the Comptroller, ensure fiscal accountability.
  • A formal annual reporting process, including public annual reports, provides full disclosure to the general public.
  • Our broad mandate authorizes us to provide an unlimited, comprehensive selection of services.  We offer a “one stop shop” for people in need.
  • Our experience in administering a diversity of services and our established network of trained staff and volunteers offer a proven source to deliver any program to our communities.

We have developed strong relationships through our history of cost effective and efficient services.

What's Available in Your Area?