TAHRA Background

Our association is formed by nine Human Resource Agencies delivering social services to all 95 counties in Tennessee. In 1973, the Tennessee General Assembly established the Human Resource Agencies to be the delivery system for human services throughout the state. Authorized by Chapter 289 of the Public Acts of 1973, Tennessee’s Human Resource Agencies operate under the authority of Title 13, Chapter 26 of Tennessee Code Annotated.

Our agencies have pioneered many programs to help the people of Tennessee.

Our seasoned staff leads state-wide initiatives to improve efficiencies in policies and procedures, streamline processes, and train staff and volunteers. Our reputation for delivering services is one of impeccable quality and understanding compassion.

Our success is built on our staff. Over the years, our agencies have developed a strong network of over 6,500 experienced employees and dedicated volunteers. Our agencies are currently staffed with 2,682 full and part-time employees. Over 3,800 volunteers join with our staff to deliver services vital to many people in our state.

Easily accessible to the community through local county offices, each agency builds on the wealth of program knowledge and experience gained over our 35-year history to strengthen local support, improve relationships with funding sources and governing officials, and help people in need. With our established state-wide network and strong operating infrastructure, TAHRA is the best choice for delivering services to people in need throughout our state.

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