Looking to the Future

Our association quickly adapts to change.

This is an important strength.  Our plans for the future of our association build on this strength.  With input from our key partners, we have charted a course for the continued growth and success of our association through five key strategic initiatives.

Determine and prioritize the unfulfilled social needs in Tennessee:

This encompasses a total understanding of the unfulfilled social needs of our communities which occur due to discontinued programs or lack of adequate funding for our current programs and the social needs that have no related program or available funding.  Our goal is to become the primary source of this information for our key partners.

Work closer with our board and strengthen our community ties:

Input and direction from our board members strengthens our association and helps us connect with the communities we serve.  More involvement from our board members will help us establish even stronger ties with our local communities.

Maintain strong and sound Fiscal Management practices:

A reputation for strong and sound fiscal management is essential for our association.  Our goal is to remain “above reproach” regarding the management of monies entrusted to our agencies.  This is a preemptive initiative which involves a pro-active approach to identifying and resolving fiscal issues.

Develop and implement a marketing plan for TAHRA:

To achieve our vision we must improve our name recognition and increase our key partners' awareness of the total range of services provided through our association.

Establish common best practices and systems statewide:

Our goal is to develop and adopt standard practices, procedures, and systems across the state.  This involves active participation from every HRA in a statewide collaborative effort to define and implement standard procedures for the programs we have in common.

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